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Welcome to ReCredit, FNAME_SHORTCODE

Congratulations on making the decision to dig into your credit reports and scores with us. Our mission is to help you achieve your credit goals with improved scores and cleaned-up reports, but we need your help to do it. As we go through the process of correcting errors, disputing data, and removing negative items, we may ask you to send a certified letter or two. Please make sure to stay on top of the few small tasks we assign you so you do not fall behind or delay your score improvement!

The first place we need your help, however, is in completing the enrollment documents. At the bottom of this page, you will see big blue buttons labeled with each step. When you click those buttons, they will open up to reveal a webform for you to complete.

In these boxes, you can submit everything to us! We will ask for your Intake form, Agreement, and login credentials, your three credit reports, and a copy of your photo ID. You can submit each of those below.

Please review the videos below for more detailed instructions on getting your reports, and submitting everything to us!

Again, welcome to ReCredit, FNAME! We are ready to help improve your credit, your score, and your financial future!

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Step ONE: Complete the Intake Form

Step TWO: Complete the Member Agreement

Step THREE: Submit Your Full Credit Reports & Photo ID

  • Upload your Credit Reports

    Please upload the credit reports you were able to access and download from – If you do not have all three, please upload any that you do have so we can create your credit case file.
  • Please upload the EXPERIAN report you downloaded from
  • Please upload the TRANUNION report you downloaded from
  • Please upload the EQUIFAX report you downloaded from
  • Upload Your Government Issued Photo ID (Drivers License or state ID)

    Please upload a CLEAR picture of the FRONT of your government-issued Drivers License or State ID.
Step FOUR: Enter Your and Credentials

  • Account Information

    Please provide the login credentials you use to access your account.