How ReCredit system/process works

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July 13, 2018

ReCredit submits disputes online and or prepares letters for you to mail or fax to the credit bureaus/consumer reporting agencies (CRA’s – EQ, TU, & EXP). This is a courtesy email from the CRA just in case someone (in this case ReCredit) was accessing your report and changing items. Please ignore these as, noted above, they are alerting you in case you are unaware your report was accessed. They will send another email when the dispute is completed. Please forward that email or the corresponding report/account numbers or upload the results into Mycase. Please include the following staff members: Holly, Lana Glory, Kirby, and Ly on any messages you send in MyCase.
ReCredit will access the report (please DO NOT try to access on your own as this may hinder our efforts due to limited log ons available for each result) and upload any results to Mycase. MyCase will notify you of any uploaded documents (results, letters to be mailed, updated reports, etc.) when they’re ready for you to view. Results are usually about 40-45 days apart. Please log into your CreditKarma or accounts if you wish to check your credit/access your scores, trends, factors, etc. We limit extra log-ins because they hinder our access to dispute items (the bureaus allow a certain number of log-ins for each result). This is not an exact science and the credit bureaus are fickle and secretive, so some clients may take months (or longer) to resolve their credit issues while others may only require one round of disputes. You’ll know when we are finished with your file after you see old personal identifiers/information, all collections, and all public records removed/deleted. Please review the links, knowledgebase and videos for tips on building your credit and maintaining it. Thank you for your time.

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